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Fix audio control issue on Backtrack 5 R1

Fix audio control issue on Backtrack 5 R1
Photo by Namroud Gorguis / Unsplash

The latest version of BackTrack 5, R1, has an issue with audio controls. While I have experienced this problem on the GNOME version, I cannot say about the KDE version.

When you make a fresh installation of BT 5 R1, the audio control applet in the panel does not work. The slider moves, but sliding it does not affect the volume. Also, clicking on Sound Preferences displays a message ‘waiting for sound system to respond’ and does nothing. However, the volume can still be controlled in any media player that you use. I use Rythmbox.

The fix for this is pretty simple.

1. Navigate to System > Preferences > Startup Applications on the main menu.

2. Click on Add.

3. Give a name. I used ‘Fix Audio Control issue’. This is only to identify it, in case you run through the list at a later time and wonder what the entry is for.

4. For Command, type ‘/usr/bin/pulseaudio’ without the single quotes.

5. Click on Add, and then on Close.

6. Logout to close the X session, and restart it by typing ‘startx’ without the single quotes.

That’s it.