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The Best Way To Get Started Learning About PKM

The Best Way To Get Started Learning About PKM
Photo by Rainhard Wiesinger / Unsplash

Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) is a system or process that helps you capture, store, manage, retrieve, and use information efficiently.

This can be notes you take from books, courses, videos, etc. It can also be meeting notes, ideas you capture, quotes you collect, etc.

Some of the most popular systems today are:

  • Second Brain / PARA
  • Zettelkasten
  • Johnny Decimal

So, if you are trying to learn more about PKM, here's the best way to get started:

  • Read 3 articles on each system
  • Watch 3 videos on each system
  • Pick the system that most resonates with you
  • Start building the system in your tool of choice and start using it every day
  • Modify or remove parts of the system that don't work for you

The hands-on approach will help you understand and build a working PKM system sooner than it will take you to read a book or do a course on PKM.