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How I Got Interested In Personal Knowledge Management

How I Got Interested In Personal Knowledge Management
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I wouldn't call myself an expert in Personal Knowledge Management (PKM).

However, I have spent too much time reading and learning about PKM. And I have probably spent countless hours building my own system.

Here's how I first got interested in PKM:

2 years ago, I was using OneNote for capturing all my information. My 'library' had grown to more than 30 notebooks and it became difficult to find information that I knew was there.

I was also spending too much time trying to find the best notebook or section to put a note in. I was spending more time organizing my notes than I was interacting with them.

I started looking for a new tool and found Roam Research. I liked the simplicity and freedom, because you don't need to think about where to store a note. You can write a note anywhere and link it to anywhere.

As I started reading up on how best to use Roam, I found myself deep down the rabbit hole of PKM. I have since switched from Roam to Obsidian but I'm always looking at ways to improve my system.

So my goal over the next 12 months is:

to share some of the insights I learned in the last 2 years while building and optimizing my PKM system.